Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is India’s first national park. Located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand at the altitude of 385-1100 m above sea level. The park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park then it’s named Ramganga National Park but finally in 1956 the park named after the legendary hunter Jim Corbett (1875-1955)- who turned naturalist, who played a major role in the establishment of the national park. Jim Corbett National Park has the Pride of being India’s first tiger reserve.

Jim Corbett National Park has been a very popular wildlife destination for travelers who visit in India. Every year more than 65,000 to 70,000 visitors come to the park. The park cover’s an area of 520 square kilometers. The temperature Range of Corbbet is 4°C in winter to 42°C during summer.

Why Visit Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a great destination for wildlife lovers. Corrbet is popular for a large number of Royal Bengal tiger in the park. Corbett Tiger Reserve has 215 tigers. The park is also famous for Asiatic Elephant, Leopards, Wild Boar, Sloth Bear, Jackal, Mongoose, and Crocodile. You can also enjoy the Wildlife safari there in deferent Safari Zones. below is some reason that why you should visit Corbett National Park.

Flora and Fauna In Jim Corbett National Park


The Jim Corbett National Park is a home to several species. The park 488 different species of plants. There are so many types of other wild animals also found in Corbett like including Elephants, Tigers, Chital, Sambar Deer, Nilgai, Gharial, King Cobra, Muntjac, wild boar, Hedgehog, common Musk Shrew, Flying fox, Indian Pangolin. There are more than 600 species of birds in Corbett.


There are 488 different kinds of plant species in Corbett National Park. Most Sal trees (Shorea robusta) are found in Corbett. Here are those other trees and plants that are found here Chir (Pinus roxburghii), anauri (Legestroemia paruiflora) and Bakli (Anogeissus latifolia), Here also the different varieties of bamboo trees are found.

Wilde Life

Jim Corbett National Park is not only India’s first national park but it’s also India’s first Tiger Reserve. Corbett is an ideal place for tigers to stay where all facilities are available for them. Corbett National Park has about 215 tigers in its reserve. Corrbet it’s a great place for photography of Royal Bengal tigers.


Jim Corbett National Park has the huge number of 700 Asian elephants. you can spot the elephants in summer during the safari. elephants are the major attraction in this park. you can also take the elephant safari and explore the beauty of nature.


Jim Corbett National Park has been divided into five different zones. Corbett National Park is one of the best natural destinations for enjoying a safari.  Safari’s time varies in summer and winter, If you ever plan to make Safari, please check the given information about different safari zones below.

Jhirna Zone

Jhirna Zone is the most popular zone in Corbett National Park. Jhirna Zone is Situated at the southern edge of the Corbett Reserve Park. you can enjoy excellent bird viewing here. Jhirna Zone is the only zone who open for throughout the year. Moreover, Jhirna is famous among the wildlife lovers for providing the majestic views of tigers, wild bear, cheetal, sambhar, deer, chitals, nilgai and elephants.

Bijrani Zone

Bijrani Zone is popular for its natural beauty. Best time to visit the Bijrani Zone is from October to June.There are more Chances to see the tiger here, You can see the tiger while doing safari here. The enchanting view of large Grasslands is one of the major attraction here. you can see the Bengal tigers, leopards, wild elephants, black bears, Chital, Sambar, Hog Deer. There are 600 kinds of species live here. Best time to Visit Bijrani Zone 15th October to 30th June.

Dhikala Zone

Dhikala Zone Situated on the edges of Patil Dun. Dhikala zone is the largest zone in Corbett. Dhikala famous for its majestic natural beauty. This Zone provides best opportunities for overnight stays. you can see various animals like wild elephants, Spotted Deer, Wild pigs, Hog Deer and Barking Deer. You can also tiger chasing a deer in the grassland ( if you get lucky). The best time to visit Dhikala Zone from 5th November to 15th June.

Durga Devi Zone

Durga Devi Zone is Located on the north-eastern side of Corbett. This Zone is famous for bird watching, you can also see the popular Mahasheer fishes here in large number. you can see the birds species like a great headed fishing eagle, little forktail and much more. you can enjoy Day Jeep Safari here, the best time to visit here from 15th November to 15th June.

Sonandi Zone

Sonandi Zone is popular for its Over 600 species of birds and natural beauty. This zone has open throughout the year. you can enjoy a jeep safari, elephant safari here. (The private vehicles are also allowed in this zone.) you can see animals like a leopard, tiger, cheetal, sambhar, and reptiles here. Best time to Visit Sonandi Zone throughout the year.

Places To Visit in Jim Corbett National Park


Garjia Mata

  • Garhiya Devi Temple

    Garhiya Devi Temple is a famous Hindu temple situated in the village of Gadhia near Ramnagar. Garhiya village is dedicated to temple goddess Parvati, this temple is built on a rock above Kosi river. The Garhiya Devi temple is just 15 km from Ramnagar.


Corbett Waterfall

  • Corbett Waterfall

    Corbett Water Fall is a great picnic spot for enjoying a picnic with your loved ones. Corbett Water Fall is full of natural beauty. this waterfall is 66 ft. high. people can enjoy swimming here. you can reach Corbett Water Fall from Ramnagar which is just 25 km away from Ramnagar.


Corbett Museum

  • Corbett Museum

    Corbett Museum is a heritage Museum which is located in Kaladhungi town. Once this place is a home for the legendary hunter Jim Corbett. you can see here the collections of photo Jim Corbett and his friends, You can also get the information about Jim Corbett’s life. Wildlife lover must visit this heritage museum.


Kosi River

  • Kosi River

    Kosi River flows in the east direction of Corbett National Park. Kosi river is an ideal place for river rafting. this place is best for bird watching and photographing them. you can see some wildlife animals in near of the river. you can also take part in some adventure water sports that organized on the river.

Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park

Tourists can visit the park in throughout of the year as per its deferent zones.

How To Reach Jim Corbett National Park

By Air- The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport which is 80 km’s away from Corbett nation park. Pantnagar Airport is well connected with Delhi airport.

By Rail- Ramnagar Railway Station, located 12 km away from Corbett park is the nearest railway station. this station is well connected with the major city of India. The Ranikhet Express is the direct train between Delhi and Ramnagar.

By Road- Jim Corbett national park is well connected by road with the major cities of India. you can take an Uttarakhand Roadways bus direct from Anand Vihar ISBT from Delhi to Corbett. the luxury bus is also available here.



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