Kotdwara (also known as Kotdwar) is a beautiful small town in the India state of Uttarakhand. Kotdwara is one of the leading business towns in Uttarakhand also. The town is l0ocated at 454 m above sea level. Kotdwara is surrounded by the Bhabar Jungle and it’s situated at the bank of ‘Khoh’ river.

Kotdwar is also known as “Gateway to The Great Garhwal”. Kotdwara is famous as a business point, tourist destination and education hub, there several famous temples you can visit in near this town. Now this small town of Uttarakhand becoming the major tourist destination and center of trade and commerce.

Kotdwara has approx 300 to 350 villages, the town is a Tehsil of Pauri Garhwal District also. The people leave here with peace and nature of the local peoples is so lovely and Fridley. Kotdwara railway station is one of the oldest railway stations in India which was established by Britishers in 1890 and the first passenger train ran here in 1901.

Kotdwara also has the cantonment area which is named after the “Gabbar Singh” he was part Garhwal rifles. The town also has the CSD Complex. Kotdwara is a starting point of Char Dham Yatra also. Kotdwara is a place with beautiful destinations. The lifestyle of local people is awesome, they enjoy their life with fun and happiness and the youth of this town is friendly and stylish.

Why Visit Kotdwar

Kotdwara is best known for its temples and some beautiful destinations. You can visit temples like Sidhbali, Durga Devi Temple, Tadkeshwar Temple and Church for worship and feel peace there. Karanvashram is a historical place in Kotdwara where you can get some knowledge about ancient India. For adventure and to enjoy the breathtaking views you must visit Lansdowne. You can enjoy shopping in the main Kotdwara market.

Country Side Cafe, Bistro unplugged and My Choice are some the best restaurant in Kotdwara and famous among youth. Kotdwara is a place where you lovely and joyful life experience.

Places to visit in Kotdwar

Charekh Danda, kotdwar

  • Charekh Danda

Charekh Danda is the perfect destination for village tourism. Charekh Danda also known as “Charkanya Shikhar”, the place is named after the Maharishi Charak a great sage who completed his book called ‘Nighut’ here. This book has some very information about Ayurveda and Medicinal plants.

Charekh Danda is 35 km away from Kotdwara. You can see the breathtaking view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks from the north side of Charekh Danda. The entire Charekh Danda is filled with lush green forest, you can see the beautiful and peaceful view of Greenery.

You can see the 5000-year-old Bhaanjh tree here, and Charakanya Shikhar, 5000 years old Rishi Charak ki Kharal, Sidha Baba Temple these are some of the places to visit in Charekh Danda. You can see the breathtaking views of the surrounding villages by shining at night with light.

You can easily from kotdwara, you can find some good restaurant there. Charekh Danda is the best place for photography and nature lovers. You can feel peace here in Charekh Danda which is one of the best places to visit near in Kotdwara.


St. Joseph Church, kotdwar

  • St. Joseph Church

St. Joseph Church is the 10th largest Church in Asia and 2nd largest church in North Asia, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Kotdwara to visit. people from all religions come here to find peace and this is one of the beauties of this church. There is a beautiful garden in this St. Joseph Church.

St. Joseph Church is situated near the Kotdwar Government Hospital, and its just 2 km away from Jhanda Chok. You have to take left from Bishop House road to reach the St. Joseph Church.

In 1 hour you can explore the beauty of this church.


Kanvashram, kotdwar

  • Kanvashram

Kanvashram is a historical and archaeological destination. 14 km away from Kotdwar Kanvashram is name after the sage Kanva. Kanvashram mention in many Hindu Vedas also. Sage Vishwamitra also meditated here.

It believed that Kanvashram in 5500-year-old, Sage Kanva was one of the authors of the Rig Veda. Kanvashram is also a birthplace of King Bharata, INDIA is also named after the name of king Bharata as ” Bharat or Bharatvarsha”.

As local people say that once Vishwamitra meditating in this place, the intense meditation of Vishwamitra made scared Indra ” the king of gods “. Indra sent heavenly damsel Menaka to distract Vishwamitra from his penance.

Menka succeeded and Vishwamitra became besotted. He wished to marry her. After marriage they give birth to a girl whose name was Shakuntala, later both parents left Shakuntala in the care of Kanva Rishi.

later Shakuntala marries to King Dushyanta of Hastinapur. Shakuntala gave birth to a son, he was named Bharat. Bharata takes all his studies in ashram from Rishi Kanva and later he became a fearless king of Bharatavarsha “India”.

The atmosphere of this ashram is so tranquil. You can see the beautiful view of lush green forest around the ashram. There is a Gurukul also in the ashram for the boy which provides services like Yoga, massages and ayurvedic medicines.

When sage Kanva lived here he established a Vishwa Vidyalaya or university where more than 10,000 students studied. Kanvashram is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as get some important history of ancient India.


Sidhbali Temple

  • Sidhbali Temple

Situated at the bank of the Kho river The Sidhbali Temple is the most famous tourist destination in Kotdwar. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman Sidhbali Temple is just 3 km away from Kotdwar. The temple is built in 40 mt high mountain.

The temple is famous among foreigners tourist also. Sidhbali Temple is center of faith for many devotees.

It believed that once a Siddha Baba did austerity and he has attained the siddhi of Lord Hanuman. Siddha Baba established a statue of Hanuman here, from that time its temple was named Siddhali Bali Temple (Bajrangbali established by Siddababa).

It is said that during British rule a Muslim suppressant was coming near the temple then suddenly he fell down from his horse and became unconscious. He dreamed that a temple should be built on the Samadhi of Siddhbali, then he told this to the people of the surrounding area and then the people constructed the temple.

The temple is painted in orange color which is the favorite color of Lord Hanuman also. Sidhbali temple is surrounded by lush green forest which provides you with some great view. People of all religions in the temple come for a wish, whether they are Hindus or Muslims or any religions. There is a lot of people of all religions who believe in this temple.

This temple is so famous among devotees. The Bhandara which it hepnes in every Sunday and Tuesday has been booked till 2025. The temple is the best place to visit in Kotdwar, you can give your mind peace here.


 Durga Devi temple

  • Durga Devi Temple

Durga Devi temple is another important and famous temple in Kotdwar. A large number of tourist come here to worship. The Durga Devi temple is 11km away from Kotdwar and its situated at Kotdwar Dugta road. Dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is situated near the road, but the ancient temple is in the 12 feet cave and there is also a Shiva Linga.

It is believed that Mata Durga vahan (Vehicle) Singh (tiger) visit the temple for taking the blessings, and goes back without hurting anyone.

You can see the breathtaking view of lush forest around the temple. The temple is a good place for worship and photography.

Best Time To Visit Kotdwar

winter season is the best time to visit Kotdwar. Winters is from October to February, in this season temperature remains cool and fresh. Summers are little hot in kotdwar you come here as per your choice.

In monsoon, Kotdwar gets heavy rain some time but in monsoon, Kotdwara looks very beautiful. October to March season is the best time to visit Kotdwara.

Climate Of Kotdwar

The maximum temperature of Kotdwara in Summers is 41°C and minimum of 26°C.  40°C is the maximum temperature Mansoon and 22°C is the minimum, in monsoon Uttarakhand gets heavy rainfall. The maximum temperature in Winters is 15°C and the minimum is 5°C.

How To Reach Kotdwar

By Air- 105 km away from Kotdwara, Jolly Grant is the nearest airport to Kotdwara. Jolly Grant airport is well connected with a daily flight with some major cities of India. Bus and taxis are easily available from Jolly Grant Airport to Kotdwara.

By Rail- Kotdwara is well connected with via rail network with major cities of India. You can take rail to Kotdwara from Delhi, Bengaluru, Lucknow.

By Road- You take bus from ISBT Kashniri Gate, Delhi to Kotdwara. There are regular bus running to Kotdwar from ISBT Kashniri Gate. Kotdwar is well conactecd by some major destination of Uttarakhand.

Route – Delhi via Modinagar – Bijnor – Najimabad – Kotdwar.

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