Ponmudi- Hill Station in Clouds

Ponmudi is a quiet Hill Station Located in Kerala and located 61 km from Thiruvananthapuram along with the Arabian Sea. Surrounded with Tea plantations, valleys, waterfalls and beauty of nature, this Hill Station offers you so many things to make your trip memorable. The town is situated at an altitude of 610 meters. Ponmudi is famous as trekking and hiking destination.

Ponmudi name meaning is Golden Peak, It believes that this place was founded by Rishi Parshuram in ancient time. You can see 223 species of birds in Ponmudi. the maximum temperature of Ponmudi in summers is 34 °C and minimum 25 °C. In winters the maximum temperature 21 °C & minimum temperature range 15 °C.

Why Visit Ponmudi

Ponmudi is one of the best Hill Station in Kerala and it’s second best destination in Kerala. There are some places you can visit in Ponmudi where you can fully enjoy your holidays, Ponmudi is a great destination for spending your time in the lap of nature and tranquil atmosphere. You can visit the golden valley for a romantic picnic with your loved ones, You can visit the golden for a romantic picnic with your loved ones, you can also travel Menmutty Falls where you can feel relax and play with water.

If you love wildlife you can visit Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary and MINI Zoo where you can see some rare animals. One can see some beautiful butterflies in valleys of Ponmudi, and spice and tea plantations here in Ponmudi. All in all, Ponmudi is a must visit destination in Kerala where you can enjoy some quality in the lap of nature.

Places To Visit In Ponmudi


golden valley

  • Golden Valley

Golden Valley is a beautiful picnic spot in Ponmudi. Surrounded by lush green forest and Located on the banks of the Kallar river, Golden Valley is a very famous place in Ponmudi. You can feel the beauty of Nature and tranquil atmosphere in Golden Valley. You can do trekking here, Golden Valley is a paradise for trekking. Golden Valley is a perfect place for spending some time with your loved ones.


meenmutty Falls

  • Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls is located near the Neyyar reservoir area, Meenmutty Falls falls from a height of 1000 meters. visitors have to reach the waterfalls with 2 km walks through forests. The crystal clear water of fall looks so beautiful and attracts tourist very much, you can plan a picnic here with your loved ones and also can do trekking. you must visit Meenmutty Falls because this is a place you don’t want to forget.


Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Western Ghats on Thiruvananthapuram-Ponmudi Road. The Sanctuary was established in 1938 and covers an area of 75 sq. km. The area around Sanctuary is hilly and Chemmunjimottai peak is the highest peak here, Karamana River is also near the Sanctuary.

Ppeppara Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place for adventure lovers and wildlife lovers, Sanctuary has a good number of wild animals like Asian elephant, sambar, leopard, lion-tailed macaque and you can also see birds like Malabar Grey Hornbill, White Bellied Treepie, Small Sunbird here.Sanctuary also has 27 species of fishes. Wildlife lovers must visit Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary.



  • Mini Zoo

Mini Zoo is the perfect place for a visit with family and children’s. The Zoo is famous for its large number of Barasinghas, you can reach Zoo easily from Ponmudi. Tourist comes in large numbers throughout the year in Zoo. Mini Zoo is by lush the green trees, The zoo is a perfect place for Ecotourism. You can also do trekking here, zoo opens throughout the year. One should visit Mini Zoo and can learn about wildlife and Nature.

Best Time To Visit Ponmudi

Ponmudi is a beautiful hill station fill with breathtaking views. monsoon season starts here in the month of June and stays until October. There is a heavy rain in the monsoon, so in my opinion you should avoid visiting here in monsoon. but you can visit here September and October if you love rain because in this month The rain is slightly lower.

Winter is the best time to visit Ponmudi, Because it is covered with mist throughout the winter season and the whole place looks very beautiful. So in my suggestion, you must visit Ponmudi on Winter season because this is the season where you can explore the beauty of Panmure.

How To Reach Ponmudi

By Air- The nearest Airport is Trivandrum international airport to Ponmudi which is 65 km from Ponmudi. Trivandrum airport is Well connected with major cities, regular flights from Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and other important cities of India are available to Ponmudi.

By Rail- Trivandrum Railway Station is the nearest Station to Ponmudi which is 56 km from Ponmudi. Trivandrum Railway Station is Well connected with major cities of India.

By Road- There is no the direct bus are available to Ponmudi. You have to take Rail or Flight to Trivandrum, from Trivandrum bus are easily available to Ponmudi. You can take KSTRC buses from Nedumangad and Vithura Bus station.

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