Sundarbans National Park is a paradise for Tiger lovers.Located in the West Bengal state of India. Sundarbans is situated in the Gangetic delta, Which is the world’s largest delta. You can see many species of animals here.

Sundarbans is one of the famous Tiger Reserves in India and tourists came here in large numbers to see a wildlife. Sundarbans covers an area of 2585 sq. km. Sundarbans is Biosphere Reserve also. The name of the Sundarbans is due to the large growth of Sundari trees located here.

Sundarban Tiger Reserve was formed in 1973, and in 4th May 1984, it became a national National Park. In 1973, Sundarbans was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage. The Sundarbans National Park has 54 small islands. Sundarban is home to some beautiful bird, reptile and some rare animals especially Bengal Tiger.

Why Visit Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National Park is the best place for wildlife loves you can see so many wild animals here especially royal Bengal. There also some animals live here like Leopard, Wild Boar, Macaques, Wild Boar, Fox, Jungle Cat. You can’t do Safari here but you travel around the park via Boat which will give you some excitement.

You can take a picture of some beautiful birds, wild animals, and tigers. Sundarbans National Park is a perfect place for photography.

Wild Life

The attraction here is royal Bengal Tigers, More than 400 tigers live here. You can see 55 species of reptiles here. 250 species of birds and 60 types of mammals species you can see here. Apart from these, you can see some animals like Leopard, Wild Boar, Macaques, Wild Boar, Fox, Jungle Cat, Pangolin, Chital, Indian Grey Mongoose, Flying Fox.


There are 65 types of species of plants in Sundarbans. You can see more of Sundari Trees are. The special thing about this tree is that it’s roots emerge above the ground. You can see plants like Sonneratia, Bruguiera, Avicennia, Phoenix, Rhizophora, Xylocarpus. Excoecaria. Pam’s forest is also in Sundarbans.


The Sundarbans is rich in wildlife. Here is the number of more than 400 tigers, here the Royal Bengal Tiger is the center of attraction here. You can animals like Leopard, Wild Boar, Macaques, Wild Boar, Fox, Jungle Cat, Pangolin, Chital, Indian Grey Mongoose.

Here you can see 55 species of reptiles like crocodiles, monitor lizards, chameleons, turtles, green turtles and snakes like a king cobra, python, common krait. rat snake, Russell’s viper, checkered keelback, dog-faced water snake.

Places To Visit in Sundarbans National Park


Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary

Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some beautiful birds, the sanctuary located between Peechkali and Gomti Rivers. Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place for spotting beautiful bird like kingfishers, plovers, egrets, sandpipers, herons. You can animals like tigers, pelican, spotted deer, rhesus macaques, wild boar, fishing cats, otters. The Sanctuary is the only place in Sunderban where you can explore the beauty of Wildlife by walking.


Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

  • Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is the best place to seeing a tiger in Sunderban. The can hold 25 persons at a one time. You can also see animals like deer, wild boars. A pond near this watchtower where you can see some animals drinking water.

The environment surrounding this Watch Tower is green and beautiful. Sajnekhali Watch Tower is also a great place for watching the wild-life in Sundervan.

Best Time To Visit Sundarbans National Park

The Best Time To Visit Sunderbans National Park is September to March. In September to March season weather cool and calm which gives you the opportunity to see some wildlife animals easily.

How to Reach Sundarbans National Park

By Air- Kolkata Airport is the nearest airport to Sundarbans National Park. Kolkata Airport is located 101km from Sundarban. You can easily reach to the national park from here via bus and taxi.

By Rail- Canning is the nearest railway station to Sundarbans National Park which is located 49 km from Suburban. Bus and taxi are easily available from Canning to Sundarban.

By Road-  Sundarbans National Park is well connected to major cities of West Bengal via road network. You can reach Sundarban from cities like Kolkata(101km), Namkhana(105), Sonakhali( 100km), Canning (49you km). From these cities, you can reach Sundarban easily.

By Waterway- By Waterway is also a great way to reach Sundarbans National Park. Jambudweep, Namkhana, Raidighi are some of the places where from you can reach Sundarban via Waterway.

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