Thekkady- A Wildlife Paradise

Thekkady is a dream destination for wildlife lovers and Nature lovers. Sounded by lush green forest, Thekkady is part of the Idukki district of Kerala state of India. The is located 700m above the sea level, Thekkady biggest wildlife sanctuary in India. The atmosphere of Thekkady is so tranquil and fresh. Thekkady is the best place for see elephants other wild animals and enjoy elephant safari. The beauty of this town can’t describe in words so go there and experience the Nature’s beauty.

Why Visit Thekkady

Thekkady is a heaven for nature lovers and wildlife lovers. You can do so many things here like trekking, boating, jungle safari, Bamboo Rafting, Border Hiking, Nature Walks. A town is a great place for enjoying holidays with your loved ones. You can visit the ancient Mangaladevi Temple and can know the history of the building this temple.

You can get the information about Spice of Kerala at Abraham’s Spice Garden and get the information how science work in agriculture. Suruli Falls is a great place to enjoy a picnic with your family’s. In Vandiperiyar is you can enjoy the village life.

The town is the best place for wildlife lovers, in Periyar Tiger Trail you can see tigers and others wild animals closely. periyar tiger reserve you can enjoy a jeep safari, elephant safari. You can also buy some handicrafts, spices from a local shop here.

Places To Visit In Thekkady


Mangaladevi Temple

  • Mangaladevi Temple

Mangaladevi Temple is 1000 years old ancient temple. Mangaladevi Temple is one of the major tourist attractions in Thekkady. The temple is located in Periyar Tiger Reserves. The atmosphere around the temple is very tranquil. Mangaladevi temple is dedicated to a Tamil woman Kanaki, It is believed that Kana was a great woman who helped the people and later changed her to a divine lady.

Mangal Devi Temple is not a place for pilgrimage. You can come here to enjoy and seeing wildlife in the temple and take the blessing from Maa Mangla Devi. The Tamil King Chera Chenguttuwan built this temple. The architecture of the temple is very beautiful, you can see the idol of Lord Shiva and Ganesh here too.

There is also an underground passagse in the temple.In the temple, you are worshiped only in the Chitra Pournami festival, which is celebrated in the month of April / May.


Abraham's Spice Garden

  • Abraham’s Spice Garden

Located 4 from Thekkady, Abraham’s Spice Garden is a place where you can see and know about the spices grown in Kerala. You can see the cultivation of beautiful spices and You can get information about how the plant is used in medicine here. You can also know what spices actually mean in science and why they are important for us. you can also hire a guide who will give all information about Abraham’s Spice Garden.

  • Entry Fee- 200 Rs Per Person


Suruli Falls

  • Suruli Falls

Suruli Falls is a beautiful picnic spot in Thekkady which located 26 km from the town. Suruli Falls is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Suruli Falls falls from the height of 150 ft from the megamalai hills. There are 18 caves around Suruli Falls, among which the Kailashantar Temple cave is the most famous. The summer festival is also celebrated in summer. There is a separate bath for ladies and men in the Suruli Falls. Suruli Falls is a romantic place for a picnic.


Periyar Tiger Trail

  • Periyar Tiger Trail

Periyar Tiger Trail is such a program that gives you the opportunity to watch the tigers more closely. Which is at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. In Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the number of tigers is 40, which increases the likelihood of seeing them. During this program, you can see other wild animals such as Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Elephant and you can see beautiful birds here.

The program is for two days and one day or three days and two days. You will have a medical test to take part in a program. Guards will also be provided with guides for your protection.During the program, you will get the chance of doing 25 km of track. Tiger Trail is a good opportunity for you to understand wildlife closely.

  • Entry- Rs- 5000 Per Adult for 1N/2D
               Rs- 7000 Per Adult for 2N/3D



  • Vandiperiyar

14 km away from Thekkady, vandiperiyar is a beautiful town which is famous for its cultivation of different spices among tourists. You will love the beautiful scenery of the farm here. Here you will find mainly the tea, coffee and black pepper fields. There is also a flower garden where you can see the flowers of rose orchids and anthurians. Vandiperiyar is a good place for experience village tourism.

Best Time to visit Thekkady

The Best Time To Visit Thekkady is in winter in the month of October to February in winter season weather remain calm and fresh. In winter season In winter season temperature remains 21°C to 15 °C which makes this season perfect for the visit.

Summers (March-May)is also a good season to visit here but some time temperature gets up to 38°C which makes this place hot. Summers is an ideal time for who wish to see wild animals in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

In my Option, Monsoon (June until September) is not the ideal time for visiting this town because in Monsoon season the town gets heavy rainfall and because of that roads get blocked and sometimes the landslides also happen. So you should avoid visiting here in Monsoon.

So winters are the best time to enjoy adventure activities, nature walks, wildlife adventure here.

Weather Of Thekkady

In summers weather of Thekkady remains pleasant, The maximum temperature in summers is 36°C and the minimum 26°C. The maximum temperature in monsoon is 25°C and minimum 19°C. In winters the maximum temperature is 21°C and the minimum temperature is 15 °C.

How To Reach Thekkady 

By Air- located 156 km from Thekkady, Madurai is the nearest domestic airport to Thekkady. The nearest international airport Cochin which is 141 km away from Thekkady. These two airports are well connected with major cities of India. You easily take bus and taxi to Thekkady from these two airports.

By Rail- Kottayam railway station is the nearest to Thekkady which is 106 km from the town. Kottayam is well connected with other cities of India. You can easily reach Thekkady via bus and taxi.

By Road- The state bus service of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is well connected with Thekkady with other cities of Kerala like Cochin(158 km), Trivandrum(204 km) and Kottayam(108km).

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